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Resource management

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RPM is a complete and comprehensive software suite for managing resources and projects. All aspects including planning and budgeting are covered giving you complete control over your projects.

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Manage your resources

Create and manage your people, rooms, vehicles, equipment,... in 1 environment.

Manage your projects

Create project templates, generate projects and define phases in projects.


View and edit the planning on different levels: organization-wide, on project-level or on resource-level.


Create one or more budgets for a project, import the actual data and keep track of the overruns.

Supported devices

RPM is fully web-based which means that it is supported on any device that has an internet browser. It has been built with mobile access and touch interfacing in mind.

There is no dependency on any device manufacturer or operating system: you're free to choose any platform you want to.

The application and the data are hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about the hardware or software required for installing the application.

Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style

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RPM consists of a base module for managing resources and projects. In addition, the following modules can be added:

With the planning module you can create and manage appointments for the resources in the projects.
You can create planning simulations which can then be merged into the real planning: this allows you to test workload scenarios in a separate environment.

Each user can register his or her worked hours, linked to the initial appointment or separately.
Managers kan keep track of all timesheets and compare them to the budgeted hours.

Budget all costs for projects and import the actual bookkeeping data to detect budget overruns.
All changes to the budgets are tracked and can be visualized: you always know who has changed what at what time.

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